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Women's Wellness Massage

My Women's Wellness Massage services are designed especially for women of all ages and stages of life.  Support your feminine wellness through a comprehensive massage with a unique focus on abdominal work.  From teens to those who have already bridged to the postmenopausal years, take the time to nurture yourself, decreasing stress and relieving core pain and dysfunction.

Feminine Core Care

Bodywork & Coaching




Feminine Core Care is for women of all ages and stages. Every session includes therapeutic bodywork, core restoring exercises, and transformative coaching. We will create nutrition and self-care plans that work for your busy life. You will be an active participant in your own healing as I guide you on this  journey. My goal is for you to feel cared for, and for you to gain the skills to care for yourself.

I offer interactive feminine core self-care workshops for small groups. You'll learn all about taking care of yourself, have a lot of fun, and will probably leave wondering, "Why hasn't anyone ever taught me this stuff before?!"

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