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Being a woman isn't easy. If you happen to be a woman - I didn't really need to tell you that. But, there is something wonderful about being in the fairer sex club. Camaraderie forged through dealing with periods, pregnancy, and the plucking of body hair, because ... society.


Most women I know, usually channel Peggy Lee and enjoy being a girl. But, sometimes our glorious femininity goes haywire. We joke, about the "sneeze pee," or about that time the grandma in Target asked when we were due, not realizing our baby was born two years earlier. Ha ha, sniff, sniff.


We think dealing with urinary leakage, gaping tummy muscles, PMS, and uncomfortable intercourse is just part of being a woman. We try that magic exercise we saw in a magazine, but things just seem to get worse. We really don't know how to help ourselves or our sisters. So, we complain or make jokes, and pretend this is all normal. 

What if it's not?

Welletic is currently not accepting appointments. As with many businesses around the country, I am navigating a post-Covid restructuring. This has definitely been a fruitful time and I am so excited to share the wonderful programs I am creating for you! Until then, I wish you much wellness.

With Love, Jenica

My name is Jenica Webster, owner of Welletic, women's wellness massage & bodywork practitioner, abdominopelvic expert, and creator of the Feminine Core Care program. My own quest for core healing led me on a journey that included becoming a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, a certified health and life coach, and a women’s fitness specialist. I have found my passion creating feminine health programs, and helping woman of all ages and stages embrace wellness.

If you ...

  • suffer from pelvic or low back pain

  • Are carrying a few (or more) extra pounds

  • are, or have ever been, pregnant 

  • still have a "baby belly" a year+ after birth

  • plan your month around PMS

  • have had abdominal surgery or trauma 

  • think constipation is normal  

  • have irregular, painful, or heavy periods 

  • are struggling to get pregnant 

  • avoid "sexy time" because of discomfort 

  • struggle with brain fog

  • live in fear of the "sneeze pee"​​​


... you may be suffering from core dysfunction.

You are not alone!


More than 50% of women experience feminine health problems and symptoms at some time in their life. Unfortunately, over half of these women will not receive the treatment they need.


I've been there, and I want to help you!

Many people don't realize core wellness is not just about having tight 6-pack abs. Your core actually includes your trunk's entire foundation: the abdomen, spine, shoulders, chest, hips, pelvic floor, and respiratory diaphragm


So, core wellness is not just about looking good in your bathing suit (though that's nice too!), it is about continence, ideal digestion, sexual confidence, and all things fertility. Studies have shown this area of the body absorbs and hangs on to both physical and emotional trauma. And, as we learn more about the enteric (gut) nervous system, we are starting to realize our belly may also hold secrets to hormonal and mental wellness. Freedom from core dysfunction can truly be life-changing!


Interested? Learn how my services can help you heal!

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