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I was shaken to the core. I have butterflies in my stomach. Trust your gut instinct.

We regularly acknowledge the importance of our core, and the connection that exists between our brain and our gut. For thousands of years, the abdominopelvic region has been considered not just the physical, but also the energetic "core" of the human body. And, if that weren't enough, this area is incorporated in almost every movement we make, and stabilizes our whole body. Control, power, rhythm and balance - all are created by the core. Pretty important, yes?


Is it any wonder we suffer when this area is not functioning optimally?

Why do you need Feminine Core Care?

I believe every woman, no matter what stage of life she is in, would benefit from regular core care. The causes of abdominal and pelvic problems are many: physical or emotional trauma, pregnancychildbirth, surgery, age, posture, modern daily life. No matter what the cause, this type of pain and dysfunction can be debilitating, making it hard to enjoy life, or sometimes even make it through the day.

Your body is intelligent. Those dysfunctional physical and emotional patterns you are living with are your body doing its best to keep you safe and alive. It always has a positive intention for your survival. Stronger muscles compensating for weaker ones, muscle guarding or tension as a means of protecting yourself from danger, craving comfort foods (especially serotonin boosting carbs) during times of anxiety.

These strategies might work in the short term, and are the way the body tries to tell us something needs attention. But, if not resolved quickly, these strategies will ultimately cause pain and loss of healthy function of the whole system. Sometimes, we need to give our body a little nudge in the right direction.  Feminine Core Care does just that. Each session is designed to give your body a little nudge, a little release of those patterns which are no longer working for you. You will maintain this progress at home with exercise and self-care action steps. Our next session will build on the positive changes gained in the previous couple of weeks - and so on. Until your core is functioning optimally.


What makes Feminine Core Care different?

A relaxing massage is lovely, and I love nurturing women through my Women's Wellness Massage services. And, a Feminine Core Care session certainly can be a renewing experience. I do my best to make sure my clients feel safe, supported, and pampered. Because, who couldn't use a little pampering in their life?

But, this is a truly holistic program that supports every dimension of your life – physical, emotional, mental, and social. We will work to truly C.A.R.E. for your core.


You will learn to connect with parts of your body you may not like, or have been trying to ignore for a long time.


We will use posture and health coaching to align both your body and your mind to match the results you desire.


You will discover and release the physical and emotional patterns and mental habits that are holding you back, and keeping you stuck in a life of pain and dysfunction.

And, we will empower you by filling your toolbox with effective, powerful self-care tools. With these tools, you will be an active participant on your healing journey.










What can you expect from a Feminine Core Care session?

After a thorough assessment, I create a personalized wellness plan that combines:

Massage and Bodywork


Restrictions and adhesions in the core can cause posture problems, misalignment, and muscle tension. These are not any fun, and in turn affect functional patterns in the muscles and visceral organs. Shoulder tension, low back pain, or trouble taking a deep breath. It's all related! While this work does focus on the abdomen, I do not treat it in a vacuum. We'll also work on releasing adjacent muscles, do lumbar-sacral work, and add in foot (our postural foundation) releases.

I will draw from a mixture of modalities, depending on your needs. The techniques I use are sensitive and therapeutic. I do not believe in the idea of "no pain, no gain," and you will always be in control of how much pressure is used. Feminine Core Care is a process where we work together, not something I do to you. Through this process, you get to begin taking charge of your own health!


Corrective Exercise:


After assessing your patterns of imbalance I will instruct you in gentle core restoring exercises. You probably won't be surprised to hear we'll be working on strengthening your pelvic floor and deep abdominals, but this part of Feminine Core Care also takes into consideration the interconnectedness of our core muscles. Diaphragm, adductors, SI joint, and foot strength - we don't want to leave anyone out!

Wellness Coaching:


I will give you suggestions and support for adding optimal, core supporting nutrition to your daily life. This is not a strict diet plan. This is you discovering which foods give you energy, improve digestion, and help you heal. But, I'll never demand you eat kale 3 times a day - unless you want to! I'll also be giving you self-care suggestions after every session: self massage and lifestyle tweaks can make a huge difference in how well the positive changes we make during sessions stick. We will work on how you feel in your body and about your body. Simply put I give you the tools you need to release your pain and reclaim your life!


Still have questions? Visit the FAQ page.

Feminine Core


Connect, Align, Release, Empower

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