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I am Jenica, feminine wellness specialist, lover of learning, and enthusiastic consumer of chocolate - which I hide in the closet so my children won't find it. Some of my favorite things are helping women embrace their feminine uniqueness, journaling, the aforementioned chocolate and children, and the color teal. I wish for world peace, starting with my own children - preferably at bedtime. 












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Why I named my business Welletic.

Or, continue reading to hear how I (spoiler alert) overcame core pain and dysfunction.



How I came to be a women's wellness therapy practitioner is a long and twisted tale. As most life tales are.

I have been the proud keeper of:

1 husband

6 children

  2 sisters

  (I am the oldest)

13 houses

7 goats

2 sheep

3 horses

4 dogs

12 chickens

and a partridge in a pear tree

Well, not that last one - yet! 

I have always been fascinated by women's health. A lifetime ago I thought I might be a nurse midwife, and spent countless hours during college reading anatomy and birth books. Life happened, and I ended up on a different path. But, my desire to work with women never waned, so after college and the birth of my second child, I started my official education in the field by obtaining my certification as a doula and childbirth educator. I have felt so privileged to bear witness to new lives beginning!

And, again ... life happened! As we added more children to our family, being on call for births became harder and harder. So, I put up my doula hat in exchange for a season of intensive mothering and homeschooling. Yes, all 6 children. Yes, I am a little wacky.

As the years passed, and my babies became not babies, I thankfully had a health scare that shook me up. I say thankfully, because without it, I wouldn't be where I am now. I succumbed to HPA axis dysfunction. AKA: the dreaded adrenal fatigue.


I developed multiple food intolerances,a stress-induced heart arrhythmia, and lost most of my eyelashes (I had no idea that could happen!). I came to realize I was so entrenched in the role of curator of children and home, I had forgotten they had a mom. I was a caretaker to everyone except myself. And, my health suffered drastically. I began an intense self-care program to get back on track. And, very slowly, my symptoms improved.

But, now that I had moved out of survival mode, other dysfunctions came to the surface. Seeing that my existence was somewhat guaranteed, the persistent low back and pelvic floor pain began to scream loudly for attention, like a child in the backseat of the car when their parent is trying to listen to the radio. A constant companion for most of my life, I guess I had been too distracted to pay it much attention. Soon, the unrelenting "baby belly" began to ache suspiciously, and let's not even get started on the level of fear the dreaded "sneeze pee" evoked.

Yes, it was time to attend to my own feminine core. Pelvic (and therefore whole body) misalignment, muscle imbalances, umbilical hernia surgery and resulting adhesions led to pelvic pain and dysfunction, digestion issues,  stuck emotions, diastasis, and incontinence. Stress and urge - because I am an overachiever.


But, I am a mom! A bit of a tummy and leaking a little (or a lot) when I cough is normal.




Common, yes. Normal, definitely not.

I laboriously worked my way towards wellness. Exploring new treatments and exercises became an almost full time job. I scoured the internet for information, visited chiropractors, took classes in the MELT method, found wonderful massage therapists specializing in ROLFing and abdominal therapy, and bought special pillows, foam rollers, and a yoga trapeze so I could do hanging inversions. I was dedicated to finding a way to heal myself. And, it worked. There was a lot of trial and error, but slowly I began to notice positive changes in the way my body functioned.


It was during this time that I became inspired, decided I didn't already have enough on my plate, and signed up to pursue my training in health coaching. And, then massage therapy. And, corrective exercise. And, life coaching. The timing may have been challenging, since I was still homeschooling my kiddos, but I loved every minute I was in school. 


Armed with a many new tools, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of our body systems, I was able to reach a new level of healing for myself. And, I began to work with women, helping them learn how to say "no" to old habits and "yes" to taking care of themselves before they crashed - like I had. It seems so obvious now, but it took me a while to realize ...

... you can encourage core wellness with diet and self-care!


But, lucky for me (and you) I finally began to put it all together! I took my new knowledge, and my interest in the unique anatomy and natural biorhythms of women, and created a nurturing, holistic bodywork and coaching plan designed to support pelvic and abdominal health. 

So, here I am a women's wellness therapy practitioner and owner of a business dedicated to Whole Woman Wellness. My dream is for Welletic to grow and grow, so I can reach more people with my message of feminine core care. Combining skilled massage and bodywork, corrective exercise, and health and wellness coaching works!

And, it works well. I have had 6 babies, and I can jump on a trampoline with no worries. A TRAMPOLINE!  If you struggle with core issues, you know what a big deal that is!

Yes, you can heal. Yes, you can live fully. Please connect with me if you'd like to learn how to release your core pain & dysfunction and reclaim your life.

Much Wellness,


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Professional Credentials

Degrees and Diplomas

Facial Reflex Therapy (Lone Sorensen - 118 hours)

Massage Therapy (Central Carolina Community College - 550 hours)

B.A. Psychology (Meredith College)

Certifications and Continuing Education

ACE Massage Cupping - Level 1 (ACE Institute)

Learn to Work with the Abdomen – Practitioner Course (Isabel Spradlin & Angela Severson)

Abdominal Massage (Thai Healing Massage Academy)

Interdisciplinary Herrera- Pelvic Specialist (Isa Herrera)

Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (Sarah Duvall/Core Exercise Solutions)

Mayan Abdominal Self-Care Massage (The Arvigo Institute)

Pregnancy Massage Certification (Claire Miller/Nurturing the Mother)

Prenatal/Postnatal Fitness Specialist (Lindsay Brin/Moms Into Fitness)

Certified Life Coach (Health Coach Institute)

Certified Health Coach (Health Coach Institute)

Previous Training

Teen Specialist Training (Lamaze: 2003)

Certified Childbirth Educator (ICEA: 2003 - 2006)

Certified Birth Doula (DONA: 2003 - 2006)

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